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Primary Parent Planner is a smartphone communication app developed specifically for primary schools. It allows schools to communicate with students and parents using 21st century technology. It engages parents in their children’s education and organises students to be prepared for their obligations at school. Primary Parent Planner is efficient and easy to use for schools allowing them to communicate assessments, homework, notes, newsletters, message, sport and other important school information. Decades of research proves that the importance of parental involvement in education is a crucial factor for success. Primary Parent Planner provides the perfect way to do so. AND, for parents who do not have a smartphone, they can still receive the information via email.

APP Features


Students and parents receive automatic reminders of upcoming events daily, including location and time.


Students and parents receive automatic reminders daily of all homework to be completed and upcoming assessment tasks.

Simply easy one off set up for parents

Parents and students set up the app once at the beginning of the year for their classes and everything is sent to them when uploaded automatically!

Staff Only Section

Principals can send messages to their staff only which can be accessed via a secure code.

Language Translator

Primary Parent Planner has a built in translator which can be used to customise the app into any language required.

Integrates with all existing website or LMS

The makers of Primary Parent Planner can provide a web api which allows any existing website or LMS to fully integrate with the mobile app.